My name is Yumns. I'm a high school student who enjoys cats, music, biology, and privacy. This website has been designed with accessibility in mind, with semantic HTML, readability, and lightweight-ness.

A photo of the author
The author in Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi
Picture of the author's cat
Some pictures of Chicken the cat

Chicken the Cat

We didn't get Chicken like most people get their cats. He used to be our neighborhood stray, eating what people gave him. When the COVID lockdown happened, we began to spend a lot more time with him. He started living outside our house all day. Eventually, he ventured indoors and chose us to be his family. He still roams around outside every day despite being pretty old now.

My Skills


The HTML and CSS logos.

I created this website it HTML and CSS, and tried to reconcile form and accessibility.


The Bootstrap logo.

I like Bootstrap for its versatility, but here I used Chota.css for lightness.


The JavaScript logo.

I like JavaScript. I am learning React at the moment. Then I will learn Express.js.


The Discord.py logo.

My unmaintained discord bot, Nut made with Discord.py, peaked at 40k users.

My Projects


The tasQer logo.

A lightweight task list app that I use to organize my days. I still waste tons of my time.


A Yurdle game.

A Wordle clone that I wrote in an hour in January 2023. It has been updated a tiny bit.

Nut Bot

The Nut Bot icon.

The Discord.py bot I was talking about earlier. This was my first big programming project.

Carousel Maker

The carousel maker window.

Making Bootstrap carousels annoyed me, so I made this (code is embarrassing do not look).

More About Me

Pictures of albums the author likes
Some albums I like


I revel in listening to music, and listen to many artists and genres. I also play the violin. I am learning Wieniawski's Violin Concerto No. 2. I have worked on Mendelssohn's violin concerto and Mozart's Violin Concerto no. 5.


I am a junior in high school. Current and previous classes include AP Bio, World, Calc AB, Calc BC, USH, Lit, and Psych. Next year I plan on taking AP Lang, Stats, Physics, Spanish, Econ, Computer Science, and Gov. I have a 1570 SAT.